Tuesday, 12 June 2012


If anyone out there has any ideas for things to sell at a local market, that is held every second Sunday I would be very grateful. I have some ideas...... cupcakes, biscuits, necklaces, bunting, tissue covers etc. but I would love some more. Thank you!


  1. Hi Vanessa

    How exciting about your trip. Good luck raising the money. Baby items always sell well, so maybe you could make some bibs, baby blocks or toys to sell. They don't take a lot of material and could be made out of scraps so wouldn't cost a lot to make. Christmas items would also be other items to make. People usually spend more on Christmas and babies I think.

  2. Scarves are good at this time of year I made lots of jelly roll scarves with polar fleece lining as teacher presents last years - childrens appliqued t shirts sell well (can buy them cheap at target and blank usually)

  3. vanessa, do you or any family members have fruit trees that they dont use up? make quince paste, plum paste, chutneys etc. you can get cheap jars from the discount store (cant think what they are called in SA), make up some nice labels and sell those... i can give you recipes we used...people always buy food at these things. you could open a couple and have tastings with broken up crackers or bread. just dress them up so they look special and you can charge a good price, and I know you like to cook!

  4. Hi
    Have a look at the fundraising sites around the web and also contact Girl Guides Australia - they have an awesome publication on their desk at headquarters with lots of ideas in it.
    Good luck with the fundraising. Hope it goes well.