Sunday, 10 June 2012


Hello, I thought maybe I could show you some of the things I like to make. 
 I go a little bit crazy when I'm creating, I stick lots of bits together and usually end up sticking my fingers together. I must say I'm a bit like Mum in that way, we don't get along with glue very well.

 I do get inspiration from somewhere most of the time. The paintings with all the paper, and paint and all sorts of things comes from Christy Tomlinson. I love what she does, but I like it a smidge bit brighter. I love bright colours.
The only problem with making so many things is the mess I make. I usually work on my floor. I put a big mat down and spread everything out. I have paint, paint brushes, paper, paper and more paper everywhere. I even manage to get a whole heap of paint on my jeans, but thankfully it washed off.

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