Friday, 12 October 2012

400 days and counting...

Yup, that's right. There are only 400 days to go, until I'm off to Vietnam!

Early last month, (I know that was ages ago!) Rachel had a choir rehearsal, so we took the opportunity to go do some very expensive 'Vietnam shopping.' All the outdoor shops are down the one street, so that made it easy. The only shop that was open when we got there was Patty Palin, so in we went...and came out an hour and a half later with lots and lots of gear, and quite a bit less money! ;)
The pack will be heaps bigger when there's stuff in there though.... Uh oh!

Yesterday we had a bit of a debriefing, because we are going to have a big meeting on Tuesday to start planning our itinerary. Our teachers told us the places they think you be the best places. So now the outline is looking a bit like this:

- fly into Hanoi- acclimatise and maybe do a cooking class
- overnight train to Sapa, where we will do our main trek
- Hanoi - Halong Bay, for some R & R, for 2 days-ish
- overnight train from Hanoi to Hue
- bus on the Mountain Pass (it looks pretty scary!) to Hoi An, where we will do our Project.
- and lastly to Ho Chi Minh City, which is 18 hours by train! Where we will hopefully go to the Cu Chi tunnels, and the floating markets.

I am super excited!

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