Saturday, 28 July 2012

Remember to Explore.......

the etsy shop!!

Guess what Mum and I've been busy..busy...busy this weekend.

I've been busy drawing and making cards, and making brooches and necklaces. Mum's been busy photographing and setting up the etsy shop.

There are different coloured cards, and each one is different because I'm hand-drawing them. The photos aren't fabulous because it was dark and cold outside!!

All the proceeds go to my fundraising for World Challenge! Yipee!

I'm on Mum's computer so I don't have my signature so,



  1. Vanessaaaa!! They are sooo amazing!! I love that necklace SO much! And the brooches! And the cards! Eeeep! I hope you sell loads of them - I am sure you will! xoxo, Emily

  2. I love these! So origional and cute!

  3. HI Vanessa

    I have found you through Janelle Wind's blog. Well done, what a brilliant idea. I have no doubt your business will be a success. Keep it up and that World Challenge will be here before you know it.

  4. I love your cards and necklaces. I am so glad Janelle introduced me to your etsy store.

  5. Hi Vanessa..

    I think it is a wonderful idea to travel overseas... what a great adventure...

    LOVE your items on your store.


  6. This is a great idea to help with your funding, your talent will help you along so much. It is lovely to see someone working hard to fulfill their dreams, enjoy yout trek.

  7. OOH! I love the redhaired girl card! I hope you can whip one up like that if I win!

    What you are doing is SO cool. You are seriously, an inspiration. THanks for doing the giveaway.


  8. These are so cool! I think we all need one or both!

    P.S.Janelle said hi!

  9. Loving your work especially the brooches!!!

  10. These are a really fun idea!

  11. I really love them. The chalkboard paint is a wonderful idea! I wish I'd thought of it before. They're so so cute, especially the necklaces, you will definetely sell loads of them. They are so, so fabulous!

    Love Marlie

  12. Hi, I have popped over from Janelle's to say hi and wish you the best of luck with your fundraising. I have just made a purchase (RiamDesigns) and am looking forward to getting my Speech Bubble Pendant Necklace. Thinking of things to write on it now.

  13. I have found your blog and Etsy shop thanks to Janelle. I love the cards and the necklaces you have made :)